My mind is increasingly preoccupied with the meaning of THE DATE, what will happen, what should we expect? Thousands of articles have been written, and forums created by those who either have an idea of what will happen, or are fascinated with the various readings.  These are all fascinating, whatever you happen to be interested in, be it numerology, astrology or spirituality.

As a believer of positivity and global consciousness, I have long made my mind up to mark this special day-one lie this will not come around for a hundred years-with slowing down, taking time for others, heal myself and look out for those who are around me. Let the energies of the universe support me in mending my relationships and reconnect.

People will gather all across the globe to meditate together, breath together, create peace together. You can be part of that even if you are not part of an esoteric community. Look within; take a moment to evaluate your life and relationships. Are you really doing what you planned all those years ago?  Do you love yourself? Do you love others around you? More importantly, do you tell them enough? If not, choose this date, to do so.

I would also like to bring your attention to global consciousness. We are all part of the biggest community. We live on earth, all together at the same time. While leading different lifestyles in different cultures-sub communities-we are all part of ONE. Does it not feel amazing to know that you are never alone? Your spirit is next to mine, and we are like shining pearls on an eternal strand. A necklace longer, more colorful and beautiful than anything you have ever seen.

Life is not perfect, but no one ever said it was either. Many things are per-determined, how you live your life better is up to you however. Remember, that the universe is generous. See happiness as a pool of energies that are around you, protecting and guiding your every move. Think of happiness as a state of mind, rather than a condition which is caused by others and things around you. Happiness is within you. Awaken the inner smile and enjoy Friday the 11th of the 11th 2011. 

I leave you with the words of Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

The train is approaching the station; you can hear the whistle blow as it is winds around the corner into view. There is a gentle rumbling beneath your feet as it slows down to align with the boarding platform. You glance down at the ticket in your hand and notice that the present station reads, “Been There, Done That”. As you turn the ticket over the new destination reads, “My Life’s True Happiness”. While you sit and ponder the possibilities of where this might take you, the conductor calls out, “All aboard, last call!”.  So don’t sit and ponder the possibilities where this train may take you, hop on board of the train of 11.11.11!

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