Birthstone Meanings and Uses

All of us know what a birthstone is and many of us even know the color but sometimes we read or hear of differing opinions, different colors and things like that surrounding birthstones which is why we decided to put together this birthstone color chart as well as a list of the meanings and uses of birthstones for your reference and delight.

January is the Garnet: It's used for safety, protection of health as well as offering protection during travels.

February is the Amethyst: It strengthens relationships and gives the wearer courage.

March is the Aquamarine: It protects the wearer from illness and dangers ahead.

April is the Diamond: Promotes everlasting love. It brings about courage and confidence.

May is the Emerald: It's associated with fertility, relationships and love.

June is the Pearl: A symbol of purity, elegance and clarity.

July is the Ruby: It protects the wearer against evils of all types.

August is the Peridot: It is used for strength and protection.

September is the Sapphire: A symbol of purity and brings about great wisdom.

October is the Opal: Repels evil. Protects eyesight and promote faithfulness.

November is the Topaz: Used to bring strength and wisdom to the wearer.

December is the Turquoise: A symbol of love that brings about good fortune and success.


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