Cleansing with Sage

Maybe you just moved into a new home, found a new apartment or relocated your business to a new office and feel the need to rid the new space of all negative energy or simply don't like the feel of the space. All that it will take to achieve this is a simple sage cleansing just like the Native Americans used to do. Sage throughout history has been associated with cleansing rituals and now you can enjoy the same benefits with this step by step guide to performing a Sage Cleansing.

1.  The first thing you'll need to do is purchase a Sage Smudge Stick. You'll notice that you can find all sorts of types to suit you ranging in colors and scents or you can stick with a traditional one as I did. You'll also need a bowl or cup to hold under it for ashes traditionally an abalone shell has been used throughout history.  Another good idea may be a cup of water or ashtray for extinguishing the stick.

2.  Now you'll need to open the space up such as open windows, doors etc...

3.  Okay now you can begin! Light up your sage stick and let it begin to flame up until the entire end is cherry red or glowing. Blow out the sage stick. You'll know it's lit when it begins to let off a good amount of smoke similar to a stick of incense.

4.  Your stick is lit and smoking so now you need to start thinking of your intent, whether it be removing energies, spirits or what have you. Now say aloud something to reinforce it such as "I cleanse this room of all negative energy and impurities."

5.  Continue to say your chant as you walk around the edges of the room spreading your smoke all around the space so that your covering all the areas you wish to cleanse. If you wish to do several rooms, continue to do this in each room. As you see the smoke moving out your doors and windows picture the negativity leaving the space carried by the sage smoke that your spreading.

6.  Once you've completed cleansing the space it's time to cleanse yourself as well. Simply cup some of the smoke and waft it into your face and wave your sage stick around your body and those with you so that you too can have all the negativity lifted away and blown out with the rest. 

7.  Now simply bless the room, say a prayer or a thank you and extinguish your sage stick. You've now successfully completed a Sage Cleansing Ritual. Enjoy your new fresh space!

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