Essential Oils for Psychic Awareness

Essential oils can be beneficial in a number of ways ranging from relaxation to healing both physically and spiritually. Today we are covering essential oils that help increase your psychic awareness and bring you more in turn with your surroundings as well as your own psychic abilities. Many don't realize it but all of us are psychic in one form or another it's just that many do not know how to harness and nurture it. Whatever your reason is for wanting to increase your psychic awareness and/or psychic abilities this list of essential oils are the best for doing so. You can wear the essential oils or simply use them within your home like on an oil burner for example to fill your surroundings with it's magical scent. 

Anise - Increases spiritual connection with past loved ones.
Bay Leaf - Stimulates psychic awareness.
Cinnamon - Increases spiritual power and psychic awareness when burned.
Frankincense - Helps increase psychic powers.
Honeysuckle - Good for fine tuning psychic meditation and functions.
Jasmine - Helps induce prophetic dreams and psychic awareness.
Lemon - Improves concentration, meditation and psychic senses.
Lemongrass - Provides clarity of thought, sharpens psychic awareness.
Magnolia - Brings about an increased sensitivity to psychic messages.
Peppermint - Will help increase psychic function as well as spiritual awareness.
Rose - Will enhance psychic abilities overall.
Sage - Used to strengthen your spiritual energy and remove negative energies.
Sandalwood - Helps with psychic growth and development.
Vanilla - Increase psychic powers, function and skill.

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