The History of Tarot Cards

It was somewhere around the first half of the fifteenth century that tarot cards and tarot readings came into existence. The original use of the tarot cards was for playing games initially, with the basic rules appearing in the manuscript of Martiano da Tortona before 1425 which was the first time on record they were to have existed. It wasn't until years later would the tarot cards become truly associated with magic and esoterics. Around the 18th century the use of tarot cards by mystics and clairvoyants began to emerge and turn into what we know of as tarot card readings nowadays. It was around 1750 that the very first record of a tarot card reading took place in Bologna Italy.

The very first set of tarot cards included many of the characteristics that one would find of a typical deck of cards such as the different suits and numbers, the same as those we use for games like poker and blackjack. Later on the tarot card deck added 22 additional cards which became known as the Major Arcana.These were the beginning of the cards that we all know of today with the pictures and symbols rather then numbers and suits. It was during this period that tarot cards really began to spread across the world. Many believe it was the addition of the Major Arcana that led to the fascination with the cards because they were unlike anything that had been seen before. Not only were people becoming fascinated but also those involved with the occult and mysticism began to take notice as well believing that the symbolism  of these cards held magical meanings that could help them with their predictions and give great insight for their readings. It soon became one of the most powerful and widely used divination tools in the hands of psychics and clairvoyants worldwide and it still is today.

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