How to Heal Your Broken Heart

1. Make a conscious decision to heal
a. Bring all aspects of yourself into alignment with your conscious intent
2. Nurture yourself on every level!
a. Exercise - move that depressed energy!
b. Connect with the healing energies of Nature
c. Treat yourself kindly
3. Use visualization
a. Be creative. Use whatever the moment brings in a creative way
4. Do something new!
a. Explore something you've always wanted to do!
b. Meet new people
c. Celebrate this new cycle in your life
5. Keep track of your progress - journal for self-awareness
a. Be real! Write about how the pain feels. Don't repress anything!
b. Write about the steps you are taking for recovery
c. Expect to feel better!
6. Expect an ebb and flow. Honor the natural rhythms of the healing process.
7. Open a door to a new life.

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