The Mysterious Date of 11/11/11

There is a lot of talk about things that could happen around this date (11/11/11) as there are a lot of fascinating things being seen from various spiritual avenues. I can’t speak for all the spiritual avenues, but I would like to share some insights that I see astrologically.

The first bit that I would like to get in touch with is the astrological events that are taking place around this date. While most people are hung up on the actual date of 11/11/11, some of us who are doing astrology are seeing other things happening before this date which are worth mentioning.

Let me sum up the events starting from 11/8 into 11/11:

11/8 – Mars opposes Neptune
11/10 – Neptune goes Stationary/Direct
11/10 – Mars enters Virgo
11/10 – Full Moon in Taurus
11/11 – Chiron goes Starionary/Direct

Now I’m not saying it’s rare for planets and asteroids to move directions and change signs and what not, but for a few days the planets are going to be making a lot of shifts that’s leading up to 11/11/11. We have the planets of Action/War (Mars) opposing the planet of Spirituality/Illusion (Neptune) around November 8. Take a look at all of these protests that are going on around the world, more particularly the Occupy Wall St movement. Do you know what they are really fighting for? What is their agenda? How are they organizing themselves? These are questions that most people in the media and the general public are asking. In this position, Neptune has a funny way of making a confusing situation even more confusing. In order for these protest movements to be successful they need to be more organized about their message and come up with an actual solution.

Now with that said Neptune is once again moving forward on November 10 and will spend its last days in the sign of Aquarius and re-enter Pisces. Neptune made its preview appearance in April 2011 when it entered the first degree of Pisces. Now Neptune will be in Pisces in February 2012 until 2025. Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998 and with Aquarian energy being in innovation and technology look at all the great things that have happened. We had a major boom with computers, the internet, 3d television, the iPod, the Kindle, and much more. The tail end of Neptune in Aquarius also brought on Arab Spring and the beginning of reforms around the world (although other planets are contributing as well). With Neptune moving into Pisces we are going to explore innovations in art and creativity. We’re going to explore new ways of creating energy using water and other resources.

Mars will be entering Virgo the humanitarian on November 10 and will be spending a LOT of time in this sign. It will go retrograde in 2012 in Virgo and will move into Libra on July 2012. I think in the positive aspects you are going to see Mars really working it’s charm and drive on humanitarian efforts. Maybe the world will start to really get together during this time and show that as a world we are all together and we are all one. That would be my hopes anyway, but the energy is certainly there!

Now here’s the big enchilada with the full moon in Taurus on November 10! Taurus as we know rules the 2nd house of money and possessions. I think with all the other configurations going on in the sky I think we are about to see more evidence and stories of fraud and corruption (remember Taurus’ negative trait is greed). But on a happier note the moon will be aligned with mercury in a way that will make this a great time for parties and social gatherings. If any of you have plans this weekend to go out and celebrate for any reason, by all means this is the weekend to have a blast! This is also great energy with Mercury/Venus being in Sagittarius to have spiritual get-together’s and exploring new spiritual meanings. As it has been said around the internet, most think that 11/11/11 is going to be some sort of a portal of higher dimensions so these planets fit nicely into that suggestion.

Now on November 11 we do have Chiron moving stationary/direct in the sign of Pisces (right next to Neptune by a couple degrees). Chiron is known as the wounded healer…it shows us where we need to heal certain aspects of our lives. Now that it is in its beginning phases of Pisces, Chiron is telling us that we need to start healing those feelings of paranoia with self-transcendence. For me, I would apply this energy directly to the whole “Doomsday December 21, 2012” theory that’s been spreading around for some years now. Have I mentioned that Chiron is sitting next to the PLANET OF ILLUSION/CONFUSION? I think the biggest message of this configuration is that we need to stop listening to the negative things that people around the world are spreading around with the world coming to an end. What is there really to be paranoid about? Nothing.

I think the overall theme of November 11 is that we are starting to see a shift of consciousness. We have long-term planets shifting into new signs within the course of the next few months and we have new energies to now deal with for the next decade. This is going to be a time of major transformation on all levels and I think that is what’s causing a lot of paranoia with a lot of people. But we should all remember that transformation is never a bad thing…we are simply evolving. 

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