Psychic Mediumship

Exploration of mediumship requires the researcher to look at the mysterious human facilitation of the nervous system. It is through the central nervous system that we allow the mind vibration to register at a higher vibration. Connecting with that vibration with a clarity and understanding opens the universal understanding of and to that which cannot be explained. To operate as a medium the person is facilitating this higher vibration, opening a form of communicative channeling as the medium is allowing the process to happen, they have shifted their awareness.

One of the ways to understand mediumship or what a medium is, is to understand what a medium is not. This may seem to be a contradictory message but the message in this is that many have claimed a medium is this or that when, in reality, they truly are not. A medium is not someone who has evolved to an elite spiritual status, and they are not unnatural freakish individuals. Mediumship is not a magic side show, and is not something that can be just turned off and on for entertainment purposes. A medium will not use their gifts or abilities to read other people’s minds, as a means to control another person. A true medium will follow universal and spiritual laws. 

As I explored the many avenues of mediumship I was exposed to a few who we will call uneducated and who had been working out of pride. Such a case happened when I went to see a woman who claimed to be an internationally recognized and certified medium. 

As I sat in front of her, and she began our session, I could tell simply from the vibration that was coming from her that she was not operating from a higher frequency. She was actually working from ego and pride. I did not hold space with her for very long, and I was aware of her calling being very real but she had, for lack of better awareness, allowed herself to become a mystical actress.

Then I have sat with others who from the moment of greeting, you could tell that they operated with integrity and in connection with the divine creator. They had learned to hone in the skills as an enlightened gift. On one such adventure, I came across a woman. I will call Helen, who had set up a table at a metaphysical gift shop. She looked and acted very much like the typical normal everyday person, yet I could feel a very strong vibration coming from her. I introduced myself to her and she immediately began visiting with me on my relationship with my husband. She could feel the love we shared, and she also could feel the ties that we shared. The time we sat together discussing this and many other topics, which came forward, passed quickly and when her next appointment came 90 minutes later it felt as if we had just sat down. The reality of the time and space we were holding seemed to simply disappear. Helen simply shared the messages from her heart and from the connection whom she felt and received. There was no theatrics only two women sitting and sharing space. Her connection was one who had established connections and who had learned to understand her gift of mediumship. The true nature of mediumship is to understand the hidden mysteries of life. Mediumship is serious business; it is a powerful tool and must be viewed with dignity and respect. A medium is one who communicates verbally and or visually with spirit communicators. Mediums can also be termed as spirit operators. Spirit operators are those who are able to plug into the ethereal switchboard.
A spirit communicator is a dis-incarnate spirit or being who no longer lives on this physical plane or realm as we know it. Spirit Communicators are those spirits which can lower their vibrationally frequencies to match the vibrationally frequency of the medium. Making it so that they are able to communicate, sharing their messages of events viewed and expressed.

The purpose of this is to bring the message or information forward. The information is brought forward maybe something needed to be shared for whatever reason, or it can be something being sought after by the person who has come to the session with the medium. As I was visiting with a client one day I heard a voice as plain as day tell me to tell the woman sitting across the country on the phone line to be aware that a person she was trusting with her spiritual growth was not being totally upfront and honest. She could not see this and did not agree with me. A few weeks later she telephoned again to tell me indeed this person had shown their true intent, and she was sad to know they would and could do this to her but she was also grateful to have been warned. She was still taken-a-back but she had been pre-warned. For whatever reason, her guides felt it was imperative that she knew.

The use of modern technology has made presenting the information easier for mediums. With the use of television, radio, and printed materials mediums are able to present to a larger broader based audience the messages from spirit. One such method being made popular for mediums is to produce written material with messages being provided for the good or education of the general public. This type of teaching can be found on the internet with little to no effort on the part of the seeker. These and other forms of written materials happen through the method of channeled messages being written as the messages have been given to the medium. We will later explore and discuss what a channel is. Mediums often see angels, earth spirits, ghosts, guardians, spirits, masters and or spirit guides. All of these forms are seen when a medium looks into the astral or spirit world. To better provide the information mediumship is broken down into subcategories. Each medium will develop his or her areas of strengths. There are mental mediums physical mediums trance mediums and clairvoyance mediumship.

A mental medium can hear, see and feel spirits. They are able to understand what a spirit being is communicating from the “other-side” or from “across the veil”. The medium is then able to relay this information to others. The medium strives to provide the message as clearly as possible with as little of them self actively involved in the process as possible. Often times the mental medium appears to have departed from their own physical body to allow for the messages to be conveyed. The medium will have granted the spirit world access to the physical world through the mediums physical body. They plug into the ethereal switch board and allow the messages to come forward.
I remember once as I was sitting in a crowded airport seeing a little girl pointing and giggling at the ceiling. As I visited with her mother, I asked her how long her mother had been gone. She looked at me with eyes the size of saucers. “How did you know my mother has passed? We had just come home from her funeral!” was her immediate response. I asked her if she had noticed how her daughter was giggling and pointing to the ceiling. She told me yes and that she started that the night she received the phone call of her mother passing. We conversed for some time waiting for our planes to board.

I explained to her how children are innocent, and that they don’t lose their ability to connect with “home or heaven” until they are older and it is programmed out of them. Her mother, in fact, was connecting with and playing with this child. The woman began to cry and gave me a hug I shall never forget. She then told me that they had planned a trip to go home over the holidays so that her family could see the new baby who was now two. The trip never happened as her mother was killed in an automobile accident. She always felt like she had failed that her mother never had the chance to meet her granddaughter. I assured her that they knew one another well and that her mother would always remain alive to this child as long as she worked to keep that memory alive.

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