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Brightest blessings! I am an intuitive and an empath. I primarily work with the Angelic/Archangelic, Goddess and Nature energies and have strong connections with the Starry realms and the Other Side. I received my Angel Reader and Fairy Reader Certificates in 2008 and 2009 respectively, and have undergone intense training under one who I fondly call "Momma Bear". My spiritual name “Running Waters” is retrieved from a past life by a soul sister whose name "Soraya" bears the brightness of the sun. She is a minister, and also a Medicine Woman/healer specializing on ancient symbols, runes, natural/angelic healing and oracle card readings.

I use different tarot, angel and oracle decks and am familiar with stones and crystals. I am also continuing with astrological charts for basic personality readings. I do meditations, affirmations and candle-lighting, and try to help others with the practice. I am also very familiar with chakra work and balancing. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient; and have been blessed with these skills/talents at a very early age.

Believing that art in any form has the power to heal and empower oneself, I hope to help other people find and nurture their expressive and creative selves. I have finished my BA in Communication Arts and have a degree in Child Development specializing in Special Education. My professional experiences include working with the government while volunteering for the National Red Cross and a non-profit outdoor and civic organization based in my university. I also served as a student assistant in my college’s international student office and as an English tutor for college students with learning differences. I am a writer and full-time blogger with the love for photography, music, painting, books, nature and kids. I now work at a rehabilitation facility.

While professional success is important to me, my spirituality holds a higher place in my priorities. This is why I have chosen the healing path. I heal as Mother Gaia heals, I heal as you heal.

My path has been designed to bring me where I am now. I was molded by the Great Hand to be of service as I receive the many blessings laid before my feet.

I wish to share this current Earth walk and give back to the many spiritual teachers I have while following my Divine calling in this lifetime.

Thank you for being you!

~Running Waters

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