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Hello everyone! I'm LoveDrNikki a psychic and spiritual counselor at Psychics On Cam. I’m now offering astrological readings via e-mail. I’ve found all my astrology references and am ready to help you consult the stars for as much clarity as we can possibly bring to your reading. I’m also offering astrological readings live on webcam as well. Thanks for checking out my post on A Live Psychic, I am a natural psychic with over 30 years experience that I can offer you whenever you need me.

I am hoping to reach the 1000 people helped before we say goodbye to 2011. If I am blessed enough to achieve the 1000 people helped before the end of the year, here’s what I want to do to celebrate!! (Madame Rue doesn’t get to have all the fun…I get to have some too.) I’ll be giving away:

• A Complete Totem Spread for the lucky 1000th person. That’s a $75.00 value.
• One Lucky Winner (drawn from my member cue) will be drawn to receive a free e-mail reading
• One Lucky Winner (drawn from my member cue) will be drawn to receive a free three card reading in free chat
• One Lucky Winner (drawn from my member cue) will be drawn to receive a free Three Animal totem spread in free chat

(Winners will be announced within 48 hours of attainment of 1000 people helped. Readings will be delivered within 10 days. Due to length and depth of the report and time required to produce it, please allow 30 days for receipt of your Complete Totem Spread, should you be the lucky winner!)


Geared toward those who want to develop positive tools to use in building strong, stable, and long lasting relationships I will host the same class twice per week. Please stop in free chat this week and give your input as to what YOU would like to see covered in a RELATIONSHIP REHAB Class! 


Do you have a suggestion for classes you would like to see? I’m looking for suggestions for the next round of classes. You all have made the class experience so much fun I just don’t want to give it up. So…if you have a subject about the weird and wonderful or the arcane and interesting, drop by free chat and let me know your suggestion. Your suggestion will go into the box for the drawing for a free e-mail reading! Please be patient because I’ll need to get your member name and suggestion. I’ll be taking suggestions until the 15th of December. I’ll need to narrow it down and start developing and preparing class materials soon thereafter in order to be ready with a decent class for the 2nd week of January! I’ll be announcing the next class and the winner of the suggestions drawing in the last Relationship Rehab Class on December 16th.



If you are having a difficult time getting in to have a private chat with me, you’ll really appreciate my extended availability. I’ll be logging on more, but in free chat a little bit less. Look for me with “Online” in the green bar next to my photo. The system takes a little bit longer under this method, so please be patient I’ll be there soon!! Your time doesn’t start until our private chat opens so you aren’t losing any of your private chat time while waiting for our connection. The connection can take up to a minute, so please be patient. I am here and I DO want to talk to YOU!!!


Afternoons I will be logged on and online, but may not always be available for free chat. This is so I can be available for private chat readings for those who want/need to,!! Want to set an appointment for a private chat? We can do that do!! We can make arrangements for the appointment quite easily in Free Chat!!! Just let me know you want a tentative appointment for what day and approximately how long (I request at least 15 minutes time for an appointment reading) you would like to have. I’ll put you in my appointment book and at the appointed day and time I will be waiting for you online. (PLEASE NOTE: If I am taken in to private chat by another client and have to miss our appointment – I don’t have a “turn down” button on private chat and don’t know who has taken me to private chat until the chat actually starts, so I can’t refuse a call. However, I will log back in to free chat as soon as I am finished with the call and will wait there for you to find me.) 


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