Vayutiger the Tarot Card Reader

Hello, my name is the Vayutiger. I am a tarot reader and I have been reading cards for 7 years and studying different methods of reading tarot cards for 11 years. I am here to help bring you clarity with the skills I am humbled to have in my life. My goal is to bring you clarity and answer answer any concerns, questions, and discomforting feelings. If you need help I am the reader who can help you out.


I charge $1.99 a minute Monday through Friday and I will never go above 2 dollars a reading, this is my promise to you. On the weekends I will charge 1.49 a minute to help you, so there will be a changing rates through the week.

Why should you pick me?

I have been a long time magi that has invested years into the study of tarot, divination, and energy working, then applying the practice of my art to the real world. I keep things at a practical level in my explanations with clarity. I work on my background, music, and accuracy of readings all the time to satisfy you and work on my craft a little harder. I am humbled to have you as a client and, most of all, a friend. I would not be here if it were not for all of you.

Rules of Public Chat

I do draw cards and I do not take questions in my chat room. I do offer one card in my room, but remember this one card does entail what a full reading a whole tarot deck can offer in private chat with me. There is a list in the room I follow, so as soon as you enter the room the list is automated. So I will get through the cards as fast as I can with accuracy, so patience is a virtue in the room. I want to connect with you personally and this is the reason why I have a list to follow.

Private Chat

My private chats allow me to have the freedom I do not have in Public Chat. I can draw as many cards as needed to answer a question, verses the one card in Public Chat. You can ask any questions, concerns, insecurities, and discomforts in your life confidentially to me; I am here to bring clarity from love life, friendships, finances, basic life concerns, and wide spectrum of things that come unexpectedly in your life. I have been known to pull over an entire deck, 100 cards, 200 cards, 300 cards, and even 400 cards to answer any concerns you may have in your life.


My Demos last 4 minutes and I pull 30-40 cards with accuracy to help you. The purpose of my demo is to show you a glimpse of what I can do in private chat. I do ask for the respect to the person who is getting the demonstration reading I do give in private chat for clarity. I do have many methods of picking who gets the demonstration.

What other people are saying about me

"thevayutiger is so awesome, he is so real and honest, he dont sugarcoat anything and he seems so understanding, more like talking to a friend, gonna be back again for sure, highly reccomend."

- by darkangel1992, San Diego

"He's very good. He saw into the person and situation and was open and honest with me."

- by dianalj, Iowa

"Excellent reading! Nailed my bf as if he knew the guy already! Confirmed a lot of things for me, and I look forward to watching his predictions unfold. Very nice guy, and with whom to get along! I really like him! Definitely will come back! Highly recommend!"

- by dmichaels, toronto

"Very accurate, focus and alert. He's who I'll recommend."

- by OOOXXXOOO, New York, New York

"He is real deal, you all members have to try this guy he is the best give you all insightful reading, very caring person, love to talk to him again."

- by TUSHAN, vegas

"This guy is are going to love him. Thank you so much."

- by Bolley, Dallas, TX

"The best relationship reading I've ever had. Tiger is kind, insightful and has his own unique approach to the cards. He is confident in his predictions and straight to the point. Highly recommended!"

- by tangerinedream, Brooklyn, NY

"Thevayutiger is great!!!!!!!!!!! He hit the nail right on the head. Very personable and did not suger coat or tell me what I want to hear well the outcome was good but thats because thats whats actually going to happen but he did tell me I was not wrong because in this situation I 4 sure was and he was blunt about it. He told me thing about my partner that I myself had only found out about just today right before the reading and other things that I didnt. If you want a rel and honest reading with a very caring and trustworthy advisor he is the guy to ask. I will be back again and will pop in to free chats with him again as well. You wont regret talking with him I promise that. :)"

-- by kass83, Bethany

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