FaceReaderNew Webcam Psychic Readings

FaceReaderNew or Rita is a brand new psychic on the service but she has been a psychic all her life, by birth as she was not trained in this ability. She always had the ability to see things before they happened, and get a better perspective of life as it unfolded in front of me. The ability to see, CLAIRVOYANCE in the beginning helped her a great deal in her studies as she always knew what questions would be asked in her exams. :) But as she got older she began using her abilities to help friends and family resolve issues, and guide them to take the right step.  Face Reader New is also an EMPATH which helps her feel what others feel, so she can feel people's energies and understand their emotions.

It was around the age of 12 this psychic got acquainted with her Spirit Guides, who are still with her to this day, and always help her find the right answers and guidance during her readings.  They are willing to help anyone in need and always speak the TRUTH, nothing more and nothing less. I'm also a face reader, as her name speaks of meaning she can see peoples characteristics from their faces, their behavioral patters and personality traits. It helps her understand people before she even has to talk to them. It doesn't end there though she has also learned the art of Numerology and a rare form of reading called Chimbaliki reading which helps her divine very accurate answers to your questions.

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