Linden Psychic and Tarot Card Reader on Cam

ALivePsychic presents you with Linden, one of our newest tarot card readers on webcam. I am also an Intuitive Adviser here on the site. Though I do have some psychic abilities from when I was a child, I do not claim to be a professional psychic. My preference in terms of helping others is feeling what my guides tell me and my tarot cards. Always a people pleaser (being a Taurus ), I take joy in helping guide others in times of need.

I myself personally, I have had dreams in the past that have come true later on, and have had a lot of Dejavu moments. Over the years I’ve noticed that now and then I can predict a lot of Strange things. Other instances leading up to most recently.. my instincts with relationships have become much sharper. Time frames are my weakness point. I don't always get time frames. If i do i will let you know during the reading.

Having been a member on this site (like you) for a long while now, and experiencing the wonderful psychics who've helped guide even myself, I felt the need to share in helping others with the abilities I do have such as being Empathic. I thank everyone for encouraging me to look at these gifts as something to be proud of and to help share knowledge that which may aid the consumer. I am known for giving very good advice on matters of the heart. 

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