Love Stones and How to Use Them

All of us at one point or another have been in search of true love and our soul mate but at times it can be extremely stressful and down right difficult especially with the way the world is today. The use of love stones or love gemstones can help clear your mind and via harnessing the energy of a love stone will help direct you down the path that puts you in touch with your true love. Simply being on the "hunt" for love can lead even the strongest person to feel weak, insecure and frustrated which is not the state of mind you want to be in when looking for love. Part of the power of a gemstone is to help wipe away those insecurities and fears and instead fill you full of optimism and love. After all loving yourself is key to finding true love and being able to love another. 

Of all the gemstones available the most powerful love stone is the Rose Quartz Stone (if you have trouble finding one check our shopping links on the side of the screen). The rose quartz has been used and praised throughout time for it's ability to attract love. The Rose Quartz is the one true stone of unconditional love and acceptance. It is known to be very calming and reassuring in all aspects of ones love life. Simply having and believing in this stone gives one an appreciation and love of self and it opens the doors to sensitivity. If you have never been in love or received love, it will open a path for you to find it. If you have lost in love or been hurt it will offer comfort and reassurance. Finally if you have unfortunately been in a negative relationship and have lost faith in love it will wipe away the negativity and bad memories and restore your faith in love.

Now let's get into how you can use it. If your simply looking to attract love some of the simplest ways to use it are to either wear it in the form of jewelry or to simply carry it with you in your pocket or a handbag. But on the other hand if your in love and trying to have a beautiful baby then purchase an egg shaped rose quartz to promote fertility within your relationship. Another favorite way to use rose quartz is to simply place it under your pillow at night and fall asleep thinking positively about your love life.

So whether your looking to find love, love yourself more or bring about a deeper love within your current relationship; Rose Quartz's are the love stones for you.

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