Joanna123 Psychic Medium

I am a medium and natural born clairvoyant who is able to tap into energy and receive messages as well as visions about current situations or issues that anyone might have taking place in their lives. I speak directly with spirits to receive this information and details that they would like for you to know. A conscious and trance channeler, sometimes spirits will speak directly through me. Often I receive visions as I am doing your reading. Imagine a movie that you are watching, this is how I get my visions it seems just the same as if it's playing out in full color in my mind. They can be of an event, or just a person that is in your life. This all depends on the message that your spirit guides want to give to me. 

Always prepare yourself before a reading. Just take a few deep breaths and clear your mind and ask for your highest good to guide you in this process. Ask for protection and for your spirit guides to give me the answers to all of the questions you are seeking. Give thanks for the guidance the will be giving. During the reading you can expect confirmation of what I am seeing. I always like to confirm with a yes or no from you that I am seeing the correct person or situation. Also I just closed a spiritual store where we had classes on tarot, energy and healing. So please ask questions in free chat if you want to learn about anything at all.


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