Psychic Herbs

Many people out there would like to harness their own psychic abilities but often get frustrated due to the lack of information or "insider tips" readily available. One topic that is rarely discussed is the use of Psychic Herbs to help enhance your psychic abilities. The key to the use of herbs is knowing which ones to use and how to use them but lucky for you we are taking all the guess work out and listing them here for your reference. Of course there are many more we will be covering later so consider this a handy starter list to get you on your way to fine tuning your psychic abilities via the use of magical herbs.

Cinnamon: It's known to increase your vibrational sensitivity.

Mugwort: Enhances psychic abilities through increased awareness.

Lemongrass: Drank as a tea it will bring about psychic dreams and enhanced visions

Peppermint: Will focus your third eye so that you become more aware of what's around you.

Star Anise: Helps in your receptiveness to psychic messages and visions.

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