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I'm a Reiki Master Practitioner & energy healer. My readings are genuine, down to Earth, and honest. There are no topic restrictions and there will never be judgement. Together we will find the answers you are missing.


Energy Healing, Reiki Therapy, Animal Reiki, Tarot, Pendulum, Metaphysical Body Mapping, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Spiritual Empath, Channeling Spirit Guidance

Experience and Qualifications

I guess you could say "I just woke up like this." As far back as about 6 years old, I can recall having my first prophetic dreams and my first awareness of my guides. I have been channeling using my claircognizance for about 10 years. I have been doing energy healing professionally for about 4 years but non professionally for a much longer time. I use tarot and pendulum to confirm and guide my insights.
As far as my personal life experience- I was raised Catholic, but always felt connected to a more pagan, and in a financially well-off family, but chose to live poor to find out who I was on my own. I was a magnet for bad relationships and choices for a big chunk of my life. I now see that this was necessary for me to fully understand those who I am here on Earth to help. To this day, looking back, I wouldn't trade any bit of the experiences I have overcome or survived through. And I hope to bring a fresh perspective to any of the people I connect with so that you may be able to see the beauty in your own disasters. And the strength that you may have misunderstood as a weakness. The world is a beautiful place. And sadness is the divine counterpart of happiness. Finding balance doesn't mean to have equal amounts of both, balance is also the ability to not be thrown off track simply because of one side getting fuller. I have helped guide so many people back onto the path they desire and I know I can bring clarity and guidance to yours as well. I feel it is so important to trust and connect to any reader that you open up to. Not only for your own experience to feel fulfilling, but also for your overall energetic safety. If you are hesitant to trust my abilities then I am willing to answer any questions you may have about me prior to the private reading. My purpose is to help you heal, inside and out. I will never hold any judgment for anything that you express or share. However, you CAN count on me, to be honest, and direct with the messages given back to you.


Working hours

If I am not available PLEASE feel free to send me a personal message with the concern and your availability and I will schedule a time with you that we can chat. You will be my top priority. Love& Light.

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Angel22 19 August in 18:45 Amber is so kind and humble ..I enjoyed talking to her ..visit her for a good reading ..❣️
👑apacheewolf 12 August in 02:41 Enjoyed my chat with Amber. A genuine kind lady.
👑 👑 Ruth1975 12 August in 02:06 amber is awsome love you
👑 👑 Ruth1975 12 August in 02:04 amber is awsome love you

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