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I have developed abilities that I didn’t know I even had such as hearing, feeling and smell too moreover an increased intuition that has guided me to provide clients with helpful advice that will enable them to move forward in a positive manner. My main aim to help people in a honest and compassionate manner and this I find more rewarding and fulfilling in order to make a difference in the world even if it’s a little bit, this gives the client a boost, hope and this I believe makes a difference in their life. I am beginning to gradually start using my intuition without any tools whereby following ones intuition is the best source of guidance.


Kinesiology is the study of movement of the body. It also known as an “emotional detox” as the blockages are released. It balances on a physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and energetic level. The benefits: More energy, greater understanding of yourself and others, improved quality of life, coping mechanisms, empowering self, etc. Balancing is also conducted on the chakras whereby affirmations are provided to clear blockages.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping is incorporated into the kinesiology sessions. It is an empowering and non-invasive therapy that is based on Modern Psychology and Chinese acupressure. It focuses on negative emotions and physical sensations in order to calm the nervous system, retrain the brain and to restore balance to one’s mind and body. The benefits are it relieves stress, anxiety, phobias, emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, the list is endless. The various points represents a variety of emotions such as depression, sadness, anger, unhappiness, stress, anxiety, insecurity etc. just to name a few. Furthermore, there is scientific proof that aids this healing process.

Experience and Qualifications

Psychology BA
Psychology (Honours)
Psychology (Masters)
Kinesiology diploma (2008)


Working hours

Monday to Friday 14:00 - 16:00 EST

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tangerine 19 August in 20:23 very kind helpful reading, thank you :)
👑👑 VioletDraco88 19 August in 20:13 great reader
SaintStat 27 July in 21:40 I'm here sweet Angel of love, you are the best angel i know. You always treated me with kindness and benevolence and you did stand my miserable sense of humor which I guess wasn't the easiest part :)
So lovely to hear from you Saint! Hope you are well. Hope to catch up soon in my room:)
beautifulspirit 18 July in 16:31 Hey I registered ... :) tada beautiful
 Yay beautifulspirit! :) Hope to catch up soon in my room :)

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