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there is more LiViNG WiSDOM in your BODY than in your deepest philosophy

as a Mystic Oracle, Eye See into Minds, Read Beyond closed Hearts and Feel in through SPiRiT - accessing the Akashik Records and your Highest-Density incarnation - beyond timelines, direct to Source

there is an immense Power behind any individual to rise above & beyond every limitation when our minds and our bodies are working together. As within, so without : I am here to help you remember how & why : iT JUST iS

this journey of {re}discovery WiLL present the profound depths of your being & reveal your Great Mysteries. Here, you WiLL find the most hidden parts of yourSelf as a Potent Medicine from the Soul through Divine emBodyMent - GNOSiS...

Expand into the Extremes & Dance in the Stillness : as we reConnect to your kNOWing & ankhor your call to actionable answers : aLLways in Solution ::: as thySelf, so the Universe ::: Together We Transform Pain into Power!


☥ the Art of Living ☥ in Sacred Play ☥

An integral part in the Art of Living is the ability to see the world as your playground : full of opportunities and challenges you magnetize into direct experiences and embodyed e-motions (energies-in-motion)

Sacred:Play sessions are singular offerings to provide you with a detailed overview of your energetic imprint & current direction, and/or a guided Polarization : the optimal state of being : energetic & physical coherence, alignment & ankhoring of your Spirit + Body

Polarization ☥ Aura Alkhemy ☥ Quick Clarity

Ākāśa insight ☥ Etheric Energy Healing ☥ UniverSOUL:Guidance & Meditations

Psychic DeepDive ☥ EleMENTAL EmBODYment ☥ PURE : NATURE : ME

☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥

☥ Psychic Training ☥ initiation into The Golden Book of Wisdom ☥

- private 1-on-1 mentorship : 4 weeks - 8 weeks - 12 weeks -

you will learn how to access and fully embody the most subtle aspects of your being and to uncover that which is ready to be awakened and brought into the light. detailed teachings into occult mind-body-energetics and somatic psychology as well as the exploration of the five elements & the anatomy of the spirit

Every Initiation experience is entirely unique and will take the participant on their own soul-guided journey to find and know through direct experience - their own healing medicine

Experience and Qualifications

SELF:Published AUTHOR, iLLuSTrator & Orator of the epic nonfiction : TRiLOGY :

...a Pleasurably Stoic & illustrative Soul : Guide to BEiNG Human & the emBodyMent of SPiRiT through The Royal Art of ZepTepi : Alkhemy

BOOK 1 can be found in Full:Color Paperback, eBook versions (also on kindlebooks) and very soon, the AUDiObook : COMPLETE with Guided:AKTiVATiONS and ViSUAL iNtegrations

Eye have been initiated over countless lifetimes, and since more than 15 years i have catalyzed the Etheric Flow in the vortices of Sedona, NYC, London UK & on the great peaks of Mount Parnassus in Delphi Greece.

Eye See into Minds, Read Beyond closed Hearts and Feel in through SPiRiT - accessing the Akashik Records and your Highest-Density incarnation - beyond timelines, direct to Source : the ALl:MiND of Manifest Creation.


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Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

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felicidade 23 August in 19:23 One of the most genuine talents around. Beautiful, gentle and true. A Goddess in a human body. Love my reading, thank you!
Angel22 23 August in 19:18 She is one of a very nice person,full of love ...her way of talking is amazing. .always helps u with a spot on read ..thanks dear . blessingsx ❣️
tangerine 19 August in 19:09 lovely reading, very helpful & kind
Serena 19 August in 19:01 such feminine and nurturing energy, she touches your souls immediately and gives very insightful messages. completely recommend! <3

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