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I am here to help Guide you in all Areas & Aspects of your Life's Journey I am a Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor. Strong Intuitive Empath - Energy Healer - Light Worker
No Topic Restrictions - Love & Relationship, Family Issues/Matters, Personal Progress, Business/Finance/Money/Career Path, Spiritual Growth, Chakra Cleansing, Crystals/Gems, Reiki, Paranormal Spirit Psychic Medium. I can work with Pendulum, and Dowsers, Oracle Cards, Draw/Sketch Inbound Msgs from Spirit Realm. I can do Aura Readings, Distance Viewing, Lost & Found, Astrological Chart/Compatibility, Mindful Path, Offering Tao & Zen Teachings, Buddha Blessings <3 ~ Namaste`
Tao flows through all things, inside, outside, and returns to do it again. Transcend dualism.Rise above good and evil, form and formlessness.
"To be entrusted,
surrender yourself to love
others completely."
from The Haiku Tao Te Ching


Psychic Medium
Living in a spiritual path with light and love.

Offering Wisdom & Insight concerning all matters of the mind, body, heart & soul. I am an Intuitive, Spiritual Messenger with experience & knowledge to share. I am able to channel & interpret messages from Spirit Realm. I receive messages in the form of thoughts, sounds, scents, visions, dreams & all thru-out nature. Empath, Life Coach Healer, Reiki, Gems, Cards, Draw/Sketch, Pendulum, & Dowsers
Greetings! & Welcome:
I’m an Intuitive Healer, Medium using Clairvoyance. I will use & address these Skills with you in a Private Consultation. All of my Practices (Energy, Gifts & Healing) all work through the Divine Great Spirit. I also Meditate Daily to help Advance my Own Being , Skills, & Perception for Self “Centering”. I am also a Native Born German Speaker.
I enjoy the Study of Spirituality & Life Science/s. I do the most Powerful Readings on Love , Relationships/Marriage, Career/Finance, Family, & Other Areas you are concerned with in your Life. Please, let’s get acquainted! ★
★ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ☆ ⋆W E L C O M E .. T O.. M Y.. P S Y C H I C.. C I R C L E
I am a Gifted Psychic Adviser. My Spirit Guides will Help you in the Right Direction. I can Assist you into Understanding Choices that you have in Life and Give you Clearer Insight into your Situation. I will Devote my Energy to Connecting with you, to Provide Accurate Answers and Options in your Life Journey. I embrace Personal Growth and a Positive Attitude, with Gratitude in my Heart for the many Blessings that Life has to offer. Even when I have been faced with the most Difficult of Circumstances, or the most Troubling Episodes or Events and Encounters in Life, I have learned to turn them around into something Strong and Positive; by finding ways to Help, Heal and Recover.

Experience and Qualifications

Engaging into the 4 Clairs Of Intuition:
1. Claircognition 2. Clairvoyance 3. Clairaudience 4. Clairsentience
Dream Exploration/Analysis, Empath/Intuitive/Spirit Medium
Gems/Crystals, Automatic Writing, Drawing/Sketching/Pendulum/Dowsers
Skills & Methods: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant
I Allow my Inner Voice & Psychic Abilities to Lead me through Situations that may be Difficult, Finding Ways out of those Situations, even when it feels like certain Periods in our Lives we are met with Challenges and Obstacles in our Way. I am a Born 4th generation Psychic & have been a Professional Psychic Reader for well over 30 years, In each Reading, I can Channel information from my Guides. My Readings do not just rely on the use of Specific Devices or Methods, but instead consist of transmitting to the Client Advice & Predictions which come from Spirits & my Visions. This Gift increases my Accuracy to a very High Percentage that only a Truly Gifted Specialist Adviser can Master. It allows me to Answer Questions about your Past, explain your Present & unfold the Mysteries of your Future. No Problem is to large or small.
I use my Psychic Intuition & in Readings which falls under the Classification of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance along with Empathy & Mediumship. I do not need Tools. Spirit Communication validates the Existence of another World, the Spirit world, a Place not separated by Distance, but by Dimension. The Spirit World exists on a different Vibration than our Material world. It is helpful to think of it as a Frequency, much like a Radio has many different Frequencies.
As a Psychic medium, I will Demonstrate my Abilities as a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant & Clairsentient, Attuning myself to this Higher Frequency, along with the Effort of those in the Spirit World, to allow the Communication to take place. Closure, Resolve & Healing.


Working hours

Whenever I am available! :)


Angel22 21 August in 07:14 Inner is such a nice person. Her way of talking is so pleasing .must visit her for good readings .I enjoyed my read with her .❤️
Synergy 16 August in 09:38 A very sweet and nurturing person with much knowledge to share. Very multi-faceted individual, I have enjoyed intelligence and whit, and sparky attitude. Her reading was very thorough, offering useful informations and experience based advise.
Grannyrobinson 31 July in 15:20 Great reader

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