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I'm a natural-born psychic (cancer moon); as a child, I would see faces in the dark, have astral experiences during dream time, and communicate with spirits. I rediscovered my spiritual path during an awakening in 2009 after reading a book about the psychic mind, how the CIA and KGB used remote viewers to spy on each other, and how the police used psychic detectives to solve murder mysteries. The book explained how brain waves work and how they correlate to the Schumann resonance. After practicing clairvoyant and visualization exercises, my 3rd eye opened, and I met my spirit guides and guardian angel once again. Since then, I have studied many different healing modalities and helped people from around the world heal from childhood trauma and bring emotional equilibrium back into their lives. My passion is in the healing arts, and my strength is in my clairsentient abilities. Studying the hermetic occult sciences with a master magician and guru, I train daily to keep my clairvoyance sharp, working with the crystal ball. Also, for psychic readings, upon request, I can use either two decks. One is a dragon tarot, and the other a destiny card deck which goes hand in hand with my ability to see things through my feelings and intuition. I have an in-depth understanding of the five elements, universal laws (such as the law of karma, aka cause and effect), and the principles which govern them. My motivations and intentions are in the best interest of all my clients to guide them to their highest path, transmute negative karma and aid their spiritual development.


Energy Healings - Chakra balancing, planetary alignments, pain relief, insomnia, bi-polar disorder, bio-energetic stress release

Etheric Wands - polarization

Astrology - Birth and natal charts

Crystal ball readings and healings


Removal of spells&sprirts

Black magic removal

Experience and Qualifications

I have over 12+years experience in energy healings and card readings

Occult knowledge of the hermetic sciences

Aligned to the water element my strength is in my clairsentient abilities to feel, see and bring healing to the situation.

I work with The Green Tara Yidim and use Dragon Magick


Working hours

everyday 10am to 2pm
9pm to midnight


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๐Ÿ‘‘ MS NORTH STAR 16 September in 19:00 Dragon is an excellent communicator and very clear soul. He has helped to guide me through some of my aspirations so that I can see clearly and stay calm in the execution of my work. I very much appreciate him and highly recommend Dragon.
๐Ÿ‘‘ Humansun111 6 September in 19:18 Amazing ,fast,clear,accurate
golden alkhemist 23 August in 20:04 thank you Hidden Dragon for the potent healing vibes and amazing crystal ball divination!
Serena 19 August in 19:32 highly recommend. he's able to see some of the deepest energies!

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