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TheGuardian is a very quick and precise reader , strong with career forecasts , timelines and numbers , also in love readings and energyhealings. Many years of experience fortify his knowledge.

Come in and enjoy Crystal Ball Divination as you have never seen before , let his solutions guide and protect you .


Since many years i also train energy healers and readers and run mentoring programs . Career Readings and Spirit works are welcome . Great timeline results with the crystalball divination or without tools . Creator of many different tools to enhance energy works and fortify intentions.

Experience and Qualifications

Highly decorated reader with many years of experience and multiple cup-winner on other platforms . Master Title in ZepTepi , Mentor and Practitioner of many different magic schools and healingart since over 15 years Master of Demonology (kabalistic western occult school)


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


👑 Cris0594 18 August in 16:23 The Guardian is a very dear friend of mine. I go to him when I need guidance, clarity or just to chat about spiritual topics. He is extremely gifted and has helped me with so many different aspects of my life. I'm very grateful to have found him.
golden alkhemist 12 August in 10:31 instant connection, answered every question rapidly and even provided me with a precise (and accurate!) timeline to the exact date for my business deal to come through. Thank you TheGuardian, i will be back for more for sure!
felicidade 27 July in 14:36 Amazing healer!! Thank you so much TheGuardian for your healing, your patience, and your big heart. You have a fantastic ability to see all that is hidden!
crystalgridkeeper 19 July in 06:26 TheGuardian is a accurate, compassionate reader who was able to tune into my energy very well & provide me with healing tools. His deep esoteric wisdom is very ancient, and can assist you with chakra & energy balancing. Thank you for the reading!

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  • Group Chat: 3/min
  • LIVE - Available for Private: 5/min

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